Nell Edgington from Social Velocity

March 13, 2015

In this episode of the Q2 podcast Joed Lopez interviews Nell Edgington of Social Velocity.  

Nell Edgington has almost 20 years of experience innovating in the nonprofit sector. At Social Velocity she helps nonprofit leaders chart a strategic direction, achieve financial sustainability, engage their boards, and become more effective leaders.

In addition to leading Social Velocity, she writes and speaks extensively about moving the nonprofit sector and the philanthropy that funds it to become more effective at creating social change. Author of the popular Social Velocity blog, Nell has also contributed to the Huffington Post Impact blog, the Foundation Center blog, CausePlanet, Fundraising Success Magazine, the Philanthropy 2173 blog, the Nonprofit blog, and the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Mission:Innovation blog. She is the author of The Strategic Management of Charter Schools: Frameworks and Tools for Educational Entrepreneurs (2011, Harvard Education Press). Nell is also a member of the national Leap Ambassadors Community, a network of over 70 nonprofit thought leaders and practitioners working to create a high performing nonprofit sector.

Using the Newly Neutral Nets and Getting Your Base Active

March 1, 2015

Listen to Joed Lopez and John Marshall talk about the big win for Net Neutrality and strategies to get your students and followers active in government.  They also go into cost effective ways of educating yourself and your staff.  Thank you for watching this Q2 podcast sponsored by PanVisio.  You can find out more about PanVisio by visiting