Get Your Community to Stop Talking about Change and Act!

July 15, 2015
In a 2015 report* surveying over 1,000 nonprofits from around the country it was found that "Engaging Our Community" was the top goal. Yet, when asked about the greatest challenge, nonprofits confessed it was "lack of time to produce quality content" for communications.

I might have something that can help you start turning things around. But first, let me ask the following questions to make sure this is for you. 
  • Are you sharing valuable information that gets ignored?
  • Are you drowning in email?
  • Do you desperately want to see others follow through on solid advice and counsel?
  • Do you desperately want more engagement from the community, donors, or your board? 
If you said yes to 2 or more of these questions then I would definitely suggest getting the tool kit. It is free when you sign up below. 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends  

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