Sean Anderson on Using Technology to Tell Your Story for Social Change

June 17, 2016

Sean Anderson, a 20-year information technology executive and manager, has held key positions at public, private and non-profit organizations. The seasoned and hands-on expert is passionate about information technology and helping young technology professionals define themselves and develop meaningful careers that contribute to advances in the tech industry.

His new book is titled: Boot Sequence: Strategies to Guide Your Career in Information Technology. Pick up your copy asap!

In this episode we uncover behind the scenes look at how he leveraged technology in developing software and apps for the 9-11 Memorial as well as the universal truths that guide our implementation of technology.  He also shares how this 1 tool is NOT a nice to have but an imperative to use if you want to get results in fundraising and running your nonprofit smarter, not harder. All this an more in this week's episode of the Q2 Podcast. 

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Strategy Session between Rich Birch of Unseminary and Pastor Eddie Lopez of KoK Church

February 10, 2016
In this episode we bring back the broadcasted strategy session.  This one is between Rich Birch of and Pastor Eddie Lopez of King Of Kings Church based out of Pennsauken New Jersey.  Pastor Eddie uses this opportunity to ask questions that other faith based organizations have while working on stabilizing their church finances, scaling their impact, and moving out of Church Plant mode.  Rich has experience working with faith based organizations not only in the United States, but Canada as well.  Rich's 15+ years of experience has lead to multiple church's expanding their reach to different campuses starting with "The Meeting House" based out of Canada, which currently has 17 locations.  He now oversees communication, weekend services, campus expansion, and special projects at Liquid Church based out of New Jersey.  Liquid Church currently sits at four sites, but will soon be expanding to two more.  If you would like to learn more about Rich Birch, CLICK THIS LINK! 
Sit back and enjoy your sneak peak into this master session consultation, and thanks for listening to another episode of the Q2 podcast, sponsored by PanVisio.

PanVisio Welcomes you to 2016

January 15, 2016

Happy New Year Everybody!  Welcome to our first podcast of 2016!  In this episode Joed and I discuss an interesting (in a good way) conference experience I had with my students.  We also discuss how non-profits can benefit from some best practices of the for profit corporations.  We hope you enjoy, and as always rate us on iTunes, follow us, and spread the wealth of knowledge with your friends and colleagues.

Welcome to 2016 - New Year, new things to learn.

Joed and Dr. Glenn Lang talk about getting out the corner and really learning about whats happening around you

November 18, 2015

Hey everyone, in this episode we brought back Dr. Glenn Lang (Bio Below).  Listen to him and Joed discuss several topics that are not just relevant to know, but also things that seem to repeat themselves in history.  

OUR KEY TAKEAWAY from this episode is the importance of Higher Education in introducing minority students to other races and vice-versa.  It allows everyone to “get out of their corner” and mingle in the middle of the room.  We hope you enjoy, and as always don’t forget to SHARE, LIKE, and SUBSCRIBE to our podcast and sign up for our mailing list on the website.  See you! 

Dr. Glenn Lang was former Assistant Secretary of Higher Education, Acting Executive Director of New Jersey's Commission on Higher Education, and Executive Director of New Jersey's Educational Opportunity Fund program. In 2013, he retired from public service after a career of successful, creative, progressive leadership in higher education and senior policy-level government; developing innovative programs to increase higher education student and faculty diversity and retention, and to increase educational opportunities for first-generation, low-income and underrepresented minority students.

In This Episode:

They discuss the tragedies in Paris, Beirut, Kenya and across the globe

They delve deeper into news stories and not just reading the headlines

They talk about using alternate / international news sources

They review resignation of the president of Missouri and Racism across the globe.


Systematic Racism and 1 Fact to Help Explain It

November 4, 2015
Welcome back beautiful people.  We appreciate you hanging around while we took some time off.  In this episode, Joed and myself talk about the recent history behind systematic racism (1950's and redlining) and looking honestly at the ripple effect it has on our community.  We also talk about the importance of being honest when talking about these issues. Enjoy and remember to subscribe and rate us on iTunes, and share our podcast with your friends!  The greatest impact happens when you share your knowledge and move on it. 

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Talking Tech with Angel Marenco

October 7, 2015

In this episode, Joed Lopez discusses incorporating tech into your organization.  One of the key points they discuss is committing to learning and using the new technology instead sticking with the old.  If you don't like it, then don't use it, but it may take your organization to the next level.  Other key apps discussed are:

-Web development
-Zoho CRM

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Joed and John Talk Pope

September 23, 2015

Welcome all to the Q2 podcast!  Thanks for visiting, listening, and following us through our journey of enlightenment and awesome commentary.  In this episode of the Q2 podcast we discuss the Pope's visit to the US and our feelings about what he brings to the Catholic community as well as his role in politics.  We also break into an aside about ISIS and if a strong Islam leader would fix things in the Middle East.  If you would like to participate in our discussion, please send an email to and we will try to get you on a future show.Enjoy this episode and and thanks for listening!


Is Trump My Brothers Keeper?

September 9, 2015

In this episode, Joed and I discuss current event topics.  Naturally, we discuss "The Don" and the cause and effect of his hair.  Just kidding, but we do discuss our opionons on him as well as weighing in on his chances of winning.  We also dive into the topic of STARS, a prison reentry program that not only works, but works well.  The final topic we dig into is about "My Brothers Keepr", a national program backed by president Obama himself.  

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0 to 600 Members in Under A Year, Randolph Portugal of EOFSAA.ORG

August 26, 2015

In this episode, John and I talk about the importance of establishing partnerships in creating value for those you serve. John outlines his plan on making partnerships work at his institution and why it is important to him. While on the topic, we are joined by a SURPRISE special guest Randolph Portugal, President of the Educational Opportunity Fund Statewide Alumni Association ( He shares some of learning takeaways he gained through PanVisio's work with the organization as they went from 0 members to 600 in under a year! We finish with identifying some patterns we've picked up on the way in framing partnerships so those you reach out to understand the problem you are solving and why they should care.

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The Essential Checklist to Taking Your Organization to the Next Level

August 19, 2015

In this episode, John and I cover the first version of our PanVisio Checklist. We cover what we feel to be the most important categories that you and your organization should have in order to be considered ready for the next level.  Please listen and enjoy to this episode of the Q2 Podcast sponsored by PanVisio.